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Phil & Robbie

Diamond Driver & Hex Pen

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What's included?

  • 1x Diamond Driver
  • 1x Hex Pen
  • 7x Double Ended Bits

Slot, SL5, SL8
Phillips - PH0, PH1, PH2, PH3
Robertson - SQ0, SQ1, SQ2, SQ3
Torx - T10, T15, T20, T25

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Introducing The Diamond Driver & Hex Pen

The evolution from the nail and hammer to the screw and driver was a significant shift in human construction, assembly, and mentality. The Introduction of the metal screw and screwdriver in the 18th century, marked a shift to manufacturing with the ability to assemble and dissemble parts without destruction, allowing people to easily build and fix things. This transition not only reflects technological advancements but also signified the move towards more intricate and refined craftsmanship. The screwdriver, with its ability to create strong and stable connections, has become an essential tool in the modern toolkit, emphasizing the importance of precision and efficiency in construction and assembly.

The Chuck

The diamond driver chuck uses three hardened steel balls rather than magnets to firmly grip bits. Magnetic chucks have a lot of wobble in their bits and are prone to leaving the little bit behind in holes, these little 1 inch bits are hard to hold and easy to lose. The rigidity and strength of the bits in the chuck of the Diamond driver make it feel like a dedicated driver. 

The original concept for the chuck used on the Diamond Driver was originally patented in 1990 and then refined and re-patented in 2005 by inventor James Wienhold. The chuck design used on the Diamond Driver is a combination and improvement of these two patents. We have partnered up with the current owners of these patents and have been using their vast expertise to help refine this product.

The Magnetic Magazine

The diamond driver has a magazine that magnetically snaps into the screwdriver body. The magazine has six large magnetic compartments that securely hold bits up to 3.5” long. Using double ended bits the magazine is capable of holding up to 12 different screwdriver tips.

Looking at the magazine for the first time you might think bits are hard to remove, but if you know the secret, they cleverly pop up with a light push of the thumb. This little trick may help prevent coworkers from “borrowing” your bits.

On the back of the screwdriver, there is a brass knurled dial. This dial is equipped with a bearing to reduce friction when screwing. The free spinning knob helps apply directional pressure when screwing, it is also very mesmerizing and fun to play with.


The Bits

Each Phil and Robbie screwdriver is equipped with f̶i̶v̶e̶ premium, shock resistant S2 steel double ended bits. These bits can easily be used in either your hand driver or your power drill! Update - All Screwdriver will come standard with the 7 bits below. 

Because man’s hands are not designed for tiny bits the Phil and Robbie Diamond Driver has long bits that are easy to hold and hard to lose. 

The Development

Creating the Diamond Driver was a process of trial and error. It started with an idea to improve the everyday screwdriver and then basic versions of the product were designed in 3D CAD. Once we were happy with the design, we started creating working prototypes using 3D printing and basic machining. Then came the testing phase, we tried it out, got feedback, tweaked it and then did more prototyping.