About us

As a team we are passionate about crafting tools of the highest possible quality, sparing no expense. We embrace innovation without restrictions to ensure it will be the very best in its class. Our team has years of independent experience bringing tools and products to market and can't and love what we do!

  • As Nicolas Tesla is to "Tesla motor company",Henry Phillips and Peter Robertson are to the "Phil and Robbie Diamond Driver". In 1935, American, Henry Phillips converted the world from the Slot head screw to the much improved Cross head widely known as the Phillips head. The Phillips head is the most commonly used screw profile found in nearly every product on earth. In 1907, Canadian, Peter Robertson patented the square socket screw and screw driver known as the "Robertson screw". The Robertson screw is primarily used in Canada and anyone who has used it knows it is a far superior experience to the Cross head as it requires minimal down pressure and the screw holds on easier to the square bits. 

  • Thank you Backers

    We want to thank our many backers for supporting this project and helping us build the Diamond Driver!

  • We are very proud to be Canadian and we are happy to say that the majority of the components, manufacturing and assembly will all be done right here in Waterloo Ontario Canada. 

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