The Diamond Driver

The relationship between man and tools is an ever-evolving ​journey, fuelled by the ​​endless quest to refine and elevate our instruments. 

As man never stopped improving upon the hammer we will never stop refining the screwdriver. Through research, design and basic trial and error we have been on a mission to build a perfect tool

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First hand look at the Diamond Driver and Hex Pen. 

The Chuck

The diamond driver chuck uses three hardened steel balls rather than magnets to firmly grip bits. Magnetic chucks have a lot of wobble in their bits and are prone to leaving the little bit behind in holes, these little 1 inch bits are hard to hold and easy to lose. The rigidity and strength of the bits in the chuck of the Diamond driver make it feel like a dedicated driver. 

The Magazine

The diamond driver has a magazine that magnetically snaps into
the screwdriver body. The magazine has six large magnetic compartments that
securely hold bits up to 3.5” long. Using double ended bits the magazine is
capable of holding up to 12 different screwdriver tips.

Hex Pen

Every diamond driver will contain the minimal EDC Hex Pen. This made from the same tool steel as the other bits and is equipped with a durable broad tip D1 style refill that is perfect for making marks or notes. The refill can easily be replaced by undoing the brass setscrew on the side of the pen.

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